Concise History
In 2001, Hans Fricke received a personal invitation from sword master
Nakamura Taizaburo , soke & hanshi 10th dan Battodo, to come to Japan
to further his knowledge in the art of Toyama Ryu Battodo.

After receiving 7th-dan kyoshi Nakamura sensei appointed Hans Fricke
chibu-cho (chief instructor) of his - and direct in line - Sei-Do-Kan dojo at the Sydney School of Japanese Swordsmanship: being the only authorized
dojo of its kind in Australia.

At the end of 2002, Hans Fricke received a further invitation to come to
Japan, this time to grade in Nakamura Ryu Battodo and, after receiving
8th-dan kyoshi, he returned to Australia to fulfill his pledge to preserve
and promote Nakamura sensei's sword-art in Australia.

To set up the Australian Battodo Association, much work had to be done and, with the help from students, Jae Debrincat (responsible in writing and setting up the association's constitution) and Hans Fricke (founder), the ABA Australian Battodo Association quickly gained popularity and incorporated in 2006.

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20th Anniversary Celebration
Sei-Do-Kan Dojo,
2001 - 2021

Tsurumi dojo, Yokohama Japan 2001
Shimeo Sato hanshi 9th-dan, Nakamura Taizaburo soke hanshi 10th dan Battodo, Hans Fricke

2021 - a great year to remember -

25th Anniversary 
The  Sydney School of Japanese Swordsmanship , established by Hans Fricke, opens its doors to the public in 1996

20th Anniversary
The  Sei-Do-Kan dojo established by Nakamura sensei in 2001.

15th Anniversary
The ABA Australian Battodo Association established by
Hans Fricke in 2006.

Members watching synchronized -tameshigiri 
by Ben Chow and Hans Fricke sensei.